Robert E. Weiss

Professor of Biostatistics

(310) 206-9626
(310) 267-2113

Room 51-269 CHS
Department of Biostatistics
UCLA School of Public Health
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772

  • B.Math. Mathematics (1984) University of Minnesota
  • M.S. Statistics (1987) University of Minnesota
  • Ph.D. Statistics (1989) University of Minnesota
Research Interests: 

My biostatistical research areas include Bayesian methods for modeling data, univariate and multivariate longitudinal data analysis, hierarchical models, and complex non-linear models. I also work in model development, selection and checking. Motivation for much of my research comes from the statistical difficulties seen in collaborative work, particularly in the analysis of human behavior. My colleagues and I study HIV+ and HIV-at-risk individuals, drug abusers, child nutrition in Kenya, Hospital Emergency Department visitors, and meta-analyses of cardiac intervention data among many other studies.

I teach classes in Statistical Graphics (Biostat 230), Bayesian Data Analysis (Biostat 234), longitudinal data analysis (Biostat 236 and 411) and multivariate statistics (Biostat 251). My classes have computing and writing components, because statistical practice requires that you calculate inferences and then communicate what you have learned. I particularly like working in an academic environment because of the variety of projects I get to work on and because I get to work with many students on research projects, paper writing, and as dissertation advisor.

  • Biostat M230 Statistical Graphics
  • Biostat M234 Applied Bayesian Inference
  • Biostat M236 Analysis of Repeated Measures
  • Biostat 251 Multivariate Biostatistics
  • Biostat 411 Correlated Data