Damla Senturk

Associate Professor

(310) 206-5977

Room 21-254C CHS
Department of Biostatistics
UCLA School of Public Health
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772

  • BS Mathematics (1999) Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • MS Statistics (2001) University of California, Davis
  • PhD Statistics (2004) University of California, Davis
Research Interests: 

My main research areas are regression model building for repeated measures/ longitudinal data, functional data analysis and semiparametric covariate and error adjustments in regression and correlation models with applications to biomedical data. I work on modeling trends in data that are changing over time and explore dynamical regression relations between variables. I have also worked on developing semiparametric adjustment procedures and partial analysis tools for quantifying the marginal effects of the variables in regression models. My articles on this subject include development of new flexible adjustment tools applicable to diverse applications, including longitudinal and high-dimensional data exhibiting nonlinear additive/ multiplicative effects. The methodologies developed are also applicable to generalized response, multiple confounders, partial-adjustment, correlation analysis, and various dependence structures for longitudinal data. Specific applications of the methodology include modeling of molecular inflammation markers in haemodialysis, risk factors for hypertension, genomic markers of disease outcome and association of molecular measures in female carriers of the FMR1 (fragile X mental retardation 1) gene.

  • Biostat 295 Application of Statistical Theories in Biomedical Research