Frederick J. Dorey

Professor Emeritus of Biostatistics & Orthopedic Surgery, Emeritus

  • B.S. Mathematics (1964) Boston College
  • M.S. Mathematics (1966) Boston College
  • Ph.D. Algebra/Topology (1969) University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Research Interests: 

I am very much interested in the application of statistics to biomedical research. By that I mean dealing with all biomedical data as it exists, not just with formal rigorous randomized clinical trials or well-planned laboratory experiments that meet idealized statistical assumptions. Most of the biomedical information available today is either in the form of observational data or poorly planned experiments. If we wait for the perfect data sets we will never move forward in many disciplines. My underlying philosophy is that a proper data analysis should be presented in a way that educates the investigators and has an influence on the relevant subject matter. My analysis of medical problems in orthopedic surgery, urology, and oncology include applications in survivorship analysis, competing risk issues, and evaluation of patient outcomes. My research interests involve taking a closer look at issues arising from applications such as; finding more appropriate confidence intervals for situations when there are very few failures but lots of censoring; the use of multiple imputation for handling missing data involving longitudinal studies, and the proper evaluation of patient outcomes following medical interventions.