Abdelmonem A. Afifi
Dean and Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. | Berkeley
Multivariate analysis, discriminant analysis, meta-analysis, multi-level models and risk factor analysis
Sudipto Banerjee
Ph.D. | U. of Connecticut
Bayesian hierarchical modeling and analysis for geographically/spatially referenced data, statistical modeling for physical and environmental processes, and Bayesian computation
Thomas R. Belin
Ph.D. | Harvard
Missing and incomplete data, causal inference, ethics, applied biostatistics, mental health
Ron Brookmeyer
Ph.D. | U. of Wisconsin
Survival analysis, epidemic models, epidemiological methods, clinical trials, HIV/AIDS epidemiology
William G. Cumberland
Ph.D. | Johns Hopkins
Finite population sampling and model based estimation, stochastic processes, HIV/AIDS studies
Dorota Dabrowska
Ph.D. | Berkeley
Non- and semi-parametric models, survival analysis, counting processes
David Elashoff
Ph.D. | Stanford
Bioinformatics, biomarker discovery and validation, translational research, cancer
Robert M. Elashoff
Ph.D. | Harvard
Survival Analysis, repeated measure analysis, clinical trials design and analysis
David W. Gjertson
Ph.D. | UCLA
Biostatistics for organ transplantation and DNA identification
Steve Horvath
Ph.D., Sc.D. | Harvard
Bioinformatics, computational biology, cancer research, genetics, epidemiology, machine learning, and systems biology
Martin L. Lee
Ph.D. | UCLA
Clinical trials, bioequivalency studies, robust estimation in pharmacokinetics
Gang Li
Ph.D. | Florida State
Survival analysis, longitudinal modeling, high-throughput/ high-dimensional data analysis, semiparametric statistics, and evaluation and development of biomarkers.
Honghu Liu
Ph.D. | UCLA
Sample size and power analysis, statistical design, sampling and patient recruitment, data and statistical analysis
Christina Ramirez
Ph.D. | CalTech
Machine learning, phylogentics, HIV pathogenesis and clinical outcomes
James W. Sayre
Dr.P.H. | UCLA
Computational statistics and database management, clinical trials, statistical methodology in medical diagnostic systems
Janet Sinsheimer
Interim Chair Biomathematics
Ph.D. | UCLA
Statistical modeling of genetic and evolutionary data
Marc Suchard
M.D., Ph.D. | UCLA
High-performance statistical computing; observational healthcare data science; partially-observed stochastic processes
Catherine Ann Sugar
Ph.D. | Stanford
Clustering, classification and functional data analysis, Psychiatry, HIV/AIDS and Health Services research
Robert E. Weiss
Ph.D. | U. of Minnesota
Bayesian methods; longitudinal and multivariate longitudinal data analysis; hierarchical models; model specification, selection and checking
Weng Kee Wong
Ph.D. | U. of Minnesota
Optimal design of experiments, multiple objective designs, rheumatoid arthritis research
Associate Professors
Catherine M. Crespi
Ph.D. | UCLA
Clustered and longitudinal data; intervention trial design and analysis; missing data methods; cancer prevention and control
Grace Hyun Kim
Ph.D. | UCLA
Quantification and modeling of disease phenomena by applying statistics to image data
Damla Senturk
Ph.D. | UC Davis
Functional data analysis, high-dimensional and longitudinal data, measurement error models, applications in psychiatry and dialysis research
Donatello Telesca
Ph.D. | U. of Washington
Bayesian biostatistics, multivariate analysis, functional data analysis, model selection, Statistical methods in bio- and nano-informatics
Hua Zhou
Ph.D. | Stanford
Statistical computing, numerical optimization, statistical genetics, medical imaging, applied probability, stochastic modeling of HIV and cancer stem cell dynamics
Assistant Professors
Angela Presson
Ph.D. | UCLA
GWAS, gene co-expression networks, bioinformatics
Jeff Gornbein
Dr.P.H. | UCLA
Survival and competing risk analyses, generalized mixed models, proteomics and bioassay
University Research Faculty
Fei Yu
Ph.D. | UCLA
Study design and causal inference, data mining of large complex databases, correlated data, ophthalmology and epidemiology research
Roxy Naranjo
Student Affairs Officer
Ivonne Nelson
Management Services Officer
Roya Yavari
Administrative Analyst
Nancy G. Berman
Professor Emerita
Ph.D. | American University
Potter C. Chang
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. | U. of Minnesota
Virginia A. Clark
Professor Emerita
Ph.D. | UCLA
Frederick J. Dorey
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. | U. of Massachusetts
Donald Guthrie
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. | Stanford
Robert I. Jennrich
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. | UCLA