Kate Crespi Elected WNAR President

Congratulations to Kate Crespi who has been elected president of WNAR (The Western North American Region of The International Biometric Society).

Marc Suchard Receives 2013 COPSS President's Award

Congratulations to Marc Suchard, the recipient of the 2013 COPSS President’s Award by Joint Statistical Societies. For his extraordinarily wide-ranging and insightful contributions to the statistical sciences in the areas of Bayesian inference, computation and stochastic processes; for innovative statistical modeling and novel computational techniques for formerly intractable problems in molecular epidemiology, evolutionary medicine, phylogenetics, phylogeography, computational biology and emerging massive public health data sets; for a panoply of flexible, well-regarded and widely-used statistical software tools for the applied sciences; for extensive and creative statistical applications across an impressive range of human inquiry; and for service to the profession as a prolific and dedicated mentor of the next generation of statisticians. The COPSS Presidents' Award is given annually by the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies to a person under the age of 40, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the profession of statistics. It is awarded by the five sponsoring statistical societies: American Statistical Association (ASA), The Statistical Society of Canada (SSC), The Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), The Eastern North American Region of the International Biometric Society (ENAR), The Western North American Region of the International Biometric Society (WNAR). This award is widely regarded as the "Nobel Prize in Statistics," as it is a worldwide competition encompassing the entire field and only a single award is given each year.

Don Guthrie Receives 2013 Harvard Award

Congratulations to Don Guthrie, who received the 2013 Harvard Award in Psychiatric Epidemiology and Biostatistics. The award recognizes Professor Guthrie’s lifelong career contributions that have significantly advanced the field of Psychiatric Biostatistics. Professor Guthrie will present the award lecture at the Harvard School of Public Health during the 2013 Fall Semester. See link.

Asya Spears Receives Predoctoral Fellow Position

Congratulations to Asya Spears, the recipient of the Predoctoral Fellow of the Ford Foundation Fellowship Program. Asya Spears is a third year Doctoral Student in the Department of Biostatistics. She earned a BS in Mathematics from Spelman College in 2011. Asya spent the summer of 2013 as a Summer Associate at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, applying social networking tools to better understand how organizational partnerships promote disaster resilience across LA County. In 2012, Asya served as co-chair of Students of Color for Public Health at FSPH and co-coordinator for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Graduate Welcome Day. Asya is a Predoctoral Fellow of the Ford Foundation Fellowship Program, whose mission is to increase diversity in college and university faculty. (PDF)

Robert Weiss Elected Chair of SBSS

Robert Weiss was elected chair of the Section on Bayesian Statistical Science (SBSS) for 2012.

Shemra Rizzo Wins at Statistical Significance Poster Competition

Congratulations to Shemra Rizzo, whose poster "Bayesian Meta-analysis Data Extraction" won the First place at 2013 Statistical Significance Poster Competition, sponsored by the Scientific and Public Affairs Committee of the ASA.

Weng Kee Wong is Co-Chair for SRC

Weng Kee Wong was a co-Organizer and Program co-Chair for Spring Research Conference (SRC) on Statistics in Industry and Technology that was held on UCLA campus, Thursday, June 20 - Saturday, June 22, 2013.
For more information, visit SRC 2013.

UCLA Biostat Hosts 2013 WNAR Conference

The UCLA Department of Biostatistics hosted the 2013 WNAR Conference, the annual joint meeting of the Western North American Region of the International Biometric Society and Institute of Mathematical Statistics, June 16-19, 2013.

Donatello Telesca & Christina Ramirez attend amfAR's GenerationCure Party

On Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Donatello Telesca and Christina Ramirez attended amfAR’s GenerationCURE Los Angeles Kick-Off Party. Earlier that Monday Christina Ramirez also gave a talk at an amfAR event, “Are we any closer to a cure for HIV?” The generationCURE was formed by a small group of young professionals from the fields of finance, art, media, and entertainment in the fall of 2011; a committee of young people dedicated to helping amfAR accelerate its search for a cure for HIV/AIDS by grooming the next, and hopefully the last, generation of HIV/AIDS champions. (See image 1,image 2flyer)

Janet Sinsheimer Elected Fellow of the ASA

Janet Sinsheimer has been elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association (2013).