Abdelmonem A. Afifi
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. | Berkeley
Multivariate analysis, discriminant analysis, meta-analysis, multi-level models and risk factor analysis
Sudipto Banerjee
Ph.D. | U. of Connecticut
Bayesian hierarchical modeling and analysis for geographically/spatially referenced data, statistical modeling for physical and environmental processes, and Bayesian computation
Thomas R. Belin
Ph.D. | Harvard
Missing and incomplete data, causal inference, ethics, applied biostatistics, mental health
Ron Brookmeyer
Ph.D. | U. of Wisconsin
Survival analysis, epidemic models, epidemiological methods, clinical trials, HIV/AIDS epidemiology
Catherine M. Crespi
Ph.D. | UCLA
Clustered and longitudinal data; intervention trial design and analysis; missing data methods; cancer prevention and control
William G. Cumberland
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. | Johns Hopkins
Finite population sampling and model based estimation, stochastic processes, HIV/AIDS studies
Dorota Dabrowska
Professor Emerita
Ph.D. | Berkeley
Non- and semi-parametric models, survival analysis, counting processes
David Elashoff
Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. | Stanford
Bioinformatics, biomarker discovery and validation, translational research, cancer
David W. Gjertson
Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. | UCLA
Biostatistics for organ transplantation and DNA identification
Michele Guindani
PhD | Università Bocconi, Milano
Biostatistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistical decision-making under Uncertainty
Steve Horvath
Ph.D., Sc.D. | Harvard
Bioinformatics, computational biology, cancer research, genetics, epidemiology, machine learning, and systems biology
Martin L. Lee
Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. | UCLA
Clinical trials, bioequivalency studies, robust estimation in pharmacokinetics
Gang Li
Ph.D. | Florida State
Survival analysis, longitudinal modeling, high-throughput/ high-dimensional data analysis, semiparametric statistics, and evaluation and development of biomarkers.
Honghu Liu
Ph.D. | UCLA
Sample size and power analysis, statistical design, sampling and patient recruitment, data and statistical analysis
Christina Ramirez
Ph.D. | CalTech
Machine learning, phylogentics, HIV pathogenesis and clinical outcomes
Damla Senturk
Ph.D. | UC Davis
Functional data analysis, high-dimensional and longitudinal data, measurement error models, applications in psychiatry and dialysis research
Janet Sinsheimer
Interim Chair Biomathematics
Ph.D. | UCLA
Statistical modeling of genetic and evolutionary data
Marc Suchard
M.D., Ph.D. | UCLA
High-performance statistical computing; observational healthcare data science; partially-observed stochastic processes
Catherine Ann Sugar
Ph.D. | Stanford
Clustering, classification and functional data analysis, Psychiatry, HIV/AIDS and Health Services research
Donatello Telesca
Ph.D. | U. of Washington
Bayesian biostatistics, multivariate analysis, functional data analysis, model selection, Statistical methods in bio- and nano-informatics
Robert E. Weiss
Ph.D. | U. of Minnesota
Bayesian methods; longitudinal and multivariate longitudinal data analysis; hierarchical models; model specification, selection and checking
Weng Kee Wong
Ph.D. | U. of Minnesota
Optimal design of experiments, multiple objective designs, rheumatoid arthritis research
Hua Zhou
Ph.D. | Stanford
Statistical computing, numerical optimization, statistical genetics, medical imaging, applied probability, stochastic modeling of HIV and cancer stem cell dynamics
Associate Professors
Grace Hyun Kim
Ph.D. | UCLA
Quantification and modeling of disease phenomena by applying statistics to image data
Jingyi Jessica Li
Developing new statistical methods for understanding biological questions, especially those related to large-scale genomic and transcriptomic data
Assistant Professors
Hilary Aralis
Ph.D. | UCLA
Inference for multi-state models with incompletely observed data, uncertainty in Markov and semi-Markov process estimation, latent variable modeling, measurement error in mental health assessment
Zhe Fei
Ph.D. | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.
Andrew Holbrook
PhD | University of California, Irvine
University Researchers
Antonio Pedro Ramos
Assistant Project Scientist
Fei Yu
Ph.D. | UCLA
Study design and causal inference, data mining of large complex databases, correlated data, ophthalmology and epidemiology research