1. The UCLA Department of Biostatistics provides first-rate education in statistical theory, modeling, and applications. We offer graduate MS and PhD degrees. Through the UCLA School of Public Health, we also offer M.P.H and Dr.P.H. degrees with specialization in biostatistics. Further information about the four degrees can be found in the Student Handbooks. The list of courses offered by the Department can be found at the Course Descriptions page.

2. Being a first-rate department means having first-rate people. You will learn both practical tools for data analysis and useful theoretical methods from outstanding faculty. You will have excellent fellow students to learn with and who will take classes with you. Student-faculty interaction is integrated into every aspect of graduate study. All faculty teach classes and serve as academic advisors; at all times, each student has a faculty academic advisor to whom they can turn for guidance. The department is known for its collegial culture, and there are regular opportunities for social interactions that bring students and faculty together to foster a graduate-school experience that is rewarding in every way.

3. Research opportunities in both statistical theory and applications. Faculty involvement in research grants regularly gets translated into opportunities for students to be involved in cutting-edge research. We work with students in both collaborative research projects as well as in statistical methodology research projects. Our faculty are very successful at getting grants for both developing statistical methods and maintaining large clinical trials data bases. These research opportunities allow graduate students to develop a better understanding of the context within which statistical methods are applied and also serve as a source of financial support.

4. UCLA research in public health, biology and medicine is at the cutting edge of science and policy issues. The UCLA Department of Biostatistics is located in the UCLA Center for the Health Sciences, a single location for all the health sciences including the School of Public Health, the David Geffen School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, the School of Dentistry, the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the UCLA AIDS Institute. This concentration of world-class scientists is a wonderful resource for collaboration on research projects, for research assistantship jobs, and in some cases, for employment after graduation.

5. Biostatistics graduates are recruited by top-notch employers. Our students get jobs at excellent universities, companies, and government agencies. Many graduates stay in the Los Angeles area or elsewhere in California, but our graduates are recruited by employers across the United States and indeed around the world. See our Alumni listings for details.

For more information on our program please see the following presentation by Professor Tom Belin in our department entitled, "Why You Should Consider Graduate Study in the UCLA Department of Biostatistics?" and our student handbook.