Biostat 100a Waiver

Students who wish to waive school requirements for Biostatistics 100A must have taken a college-level course equivalent to Biostatistics 100A, AND pass the waiver examination.


The Biostatistics 100A waiver examination is administered every year before the start of fall term.

Please check with your home department SAO for the date and time.


Students who plan to take this exam should email Roxy Naranjo to sign up.

  • When signing up, students must submit a copy of their transcripts showing they have taken a college level course equivalent to Biostatistics 100A (including the use of an appropriate statistical software package). In addition please send a copy of the course syllabus.
  • Sign-ups are only official after the Chair of the Department of Biostatistics approves a student's request to take the waiver examination.
  • No written material may be brought to the exam. This examination is closed book. Calculators are allowed. A page of formulas will be provided.
  • Most of the subject matter for Biostatistics 100A is covered in Basic Statistics: A Primer for the Biomedical Sciences, 3rd edition, O.J. Dunn and V.A. Clark (D & C) or Introduction to the Practices of Statistics, 3rd edition, David Moore & George McCabe (M & M). Relevant material can be found in the following chapters:
    • Topics : D & C (chapters) : M & M (chapters)
    • Graphical Methods : 3 : 1.1
    • Descriptive Statistics; Summaries : 3, 4 : 1.2
    • Design, Sampling : 2 : 3
    • Probability, Random variables, Distribution : 5 : 1.3, 4, 5
    • Sampling Distributions, Principles of Inference : 6 : 6
    • Confidence Intervals, Tests for Means : 6, 7 : 7.1, 7.2
    • Inference for Proportions : 8, 9 : 8, 9
    • Methods for paired enumeration data are not fully covered in these texts, so a supplement is available here.