Biostatistics Library

Following the death of long-time UCLA School of Public Health faculty member Frank J. Massey, Jr., Ph.D., a memorial fund was established by Frank's family, colleagues, and friends. It is dedicated to refurbishing the Library in the Department of Biostatistics. One year later, on August 9, 1997, the Frank J. Massey Memorial Library was dedicated with a ceremony and reception for Mildred Massey, her children Laura and Frank, and for donors and friends of Frank. Pictures of the reception can be found at our Photo Gallery. The construction of this library was only possible through the generous contributions from alumni, family and friends of Frank. Over $50,000 was raised for its construction, and the new library is spectacular. We have recently discovered that many alumni and friends were not approached in the initial solicitation, and apologize to those whom we missed. We invite you to participate in this meaningful memorial to Professor Massey. Mildred Massey's expressed wish was that the library would best honor the memory of her husband not by being a silent memorial but rather by being a place dedicated to study and research. In order to make the library everything that Mildred envisioned, we encourage you to help improve the library facilities, including binding of journals and dissertations, and acquisition of new books and other academic resources. If you would like to make a donation for this phase of our library, please send your name and address by e-mail to Dr. Cumberland at, chair of fundraising for the Library, and you will be sent information on contributions to the fund.

Massey Library Catalog

Book Check-Out Procedure

  • Masters' Reports, Journals, and Dissertations are only for 2-hour check-out. Bring your student ID & item(s) to Student Affairs Officer Roxy Naranjo for 2-hour check out.
  • All other books should be checked out using the following procedure: find pocket inside book; fill out book card and leave with Roxy Naranjo, Roya Yavari, or Ivonne Nelson; fill out the check-out sheet located in the blue binder with name, date, and email (see example). To return books, please leave items next to the book catalog and sign-out from the check-out sheet. All check-out items are due with 3 weeks of borrowed date.